Phase transformation modeling to deploy the microstructural tailoring potential of press hardening

1 year – start as soon as possible

Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy (France)

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

S. Allain,


The main objectives of the hired researcher at IJL (CNRS contract) will be the following:

  • Participate to bainite and martensite transformation modeling (kinetics and microstructure) as well  as all the associated tempering mechanisms (transition carbide/cementite precipitation,  carbon segregations, stress relaxation, dislocation  recovery [4,5]). Once developed and calibrated on experimental data from  the literature  and produced in the course of the project, these sub-models should be implemented in the Finite Element process framework of LTU to predict the microstructure and properties on realistic full-scale parts.
  • Help understanding and modeling the mechanical properties of the studied microstructure with respect to the observed microstructure  evolutions (microstructure  -based mean field models [6]).
  • The researcher could contribute also to the HEXRD experiments and their analysis [7].
  • Contribute to the dissemination of the results (regular meetings, publications, conferences).