Numerical modeling and experimental characterization of smart contact lenses

12 + 12 months

MinesParisTech CEMEF - 06905 Sophia Antipolis, France

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The main goals of the project are:

  • Validate finite element models (FEMs) of the smart platform (developed by Azalea Vision) during thermoforming and daily use. This requires carrying out the mechanical characterization of the main materials used and to identify the mechanical parameters of their constitutive equations.
  • Optimize, using the finite element models,the mechanical design of the thermoformable platform and the thermoforming process in order to get a robust, wrinkle-free and spherically shaped device.
  • Validate the optimization process using experiments.

In order to complete all the required tasks including experimental testing, parameter identification, numerical modeling and optimization, the project will last for two years (24 months). Depending on the profile of the candidates it is possible to split the project into two tightly linked postdoctoral positions of one year (12 months). One position will be dealing with experimental testing and parameter identification while the other one will handle the numerical modeling and optimization of the platform.