Melt pool modelling in Additive Manufacturing by the Selective Laser Melting process

CEA Saclay

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Stéphane GOUNAND




In this project, we will work with an existing state of the art weld pool multiphysics numerical model, implemented in the Cast3M Finite Element toolbox, which has been validated in the case of the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process. We will adapt it to deal with the case of additive manufacturing which involves basically the same physical phenomena as in welding but with different process parameters: higher energy density, faster scanning speed, porosity…

These physical parameter changes may in turn entail the use of more advanced numerical methods such as 3D adaptive meshing that we intend to explore. Furthermore, in order to ensure the soundness of the numerical model, comparisons will be made with already available Selective Laser Melting experiments previously carried out at CEA labs on two different materials: an austenitic stainless steel and an aluminium alloy.