Industrial Chair in Solidification

Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences)

Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Julien Zollinger,






The research focus of the chair holder will be in solidification of metal alloys. The chair holder will be the IJL lead researcher on topics related to steel ingot casting and continuous casting of steel. The topics to be developed by the Chair holder are among the following:
• Multiphase and multiscale heat & mass transfer during solidification of castings;
• Formation of solidification micro- and macro-structures;
• Characterization and modeling of solidification structures at the scale of an ensemble of grains.
Theoretical and experimental approaches will be combined, employing modeling and simulation tools and developing model experiments when necessary.
The Chair holder will benefit from the support of a simulation research engineer and a laboratory
technician, both hired as part of this Chair, as well as from collaboration with the researchers and
engineers of the Solidification Group of IJL. The base funding of the Chair includes two PhD studentships
and additional PhD funding is possible. The total budget of the Industrial Chair in Solidification is 3 M€ budget for 5 years, equivalent to an ERC grant.
The Chair holder will establish continuing education trainings in the field in close collaboration with the
industrial funders of the Chair. Teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels in the framework of existing courses of the University of Lorraine is possible.