Magnesium based multicomponent bulk metallic glasses for biomedical applications

Laboratoire UMET - Lille

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Dr. Rajashekhara SHABADI,


This research involves initial thermodynamic calculations that are to be validated with the experimental analysis. These calculations will be based on thermodynamic parameters such as enthalpy of chemical mixing, elastic enthalpy, and configurational entropy, thus incorporating the pivotal effects, i.e., electron transfer effects, effect of atomic size mismatch, and effect of randomness. In essence, this will help us visualize as the energy barrier that exists between the transformations of random atomic structure of glass to ordered crystalline structure. These calculations forms the basis for further elaboration of the specific alloys for the experimental validation.

Experimental challenges include the fabrication of such a multicomponent alloy (Induction and/or Arc melting furnace), metallurgical characterization involving the microstructural, mechanical and the corrosion properties. Further, the final validation on the selected alloy will be evaluated for its biological behaviour.