Impact of rolling parameters on porosity of thick aluminium products

4-6 months, could be pursued by a PhD

Constellium C-Tec, Voreppe (Isère)

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Mélanie Ollat ( )


This internship aims at getting a better understanding of significant porosity reduction obtained in an industrial trial with particular rolling process. It is proposed to combine lab-experiments and modeling:

  • Mimic rolling conditions at lab scale using a hot-rolling mill and Servotest machine (high temperature-high deformation)  to  follow  porosity  evolution  (with High-Resolution  Ultrasound  Technique  HR-UT  and microscopy)  on  different  plate  locations  (mid-width  vs.  edges)  and  to  investigate  the  impact  of rolling parameters
  • Pore morphology and size will be investigated with 3D high resolution tomography as a function of rolling parameters. Link between HR-UT signal and 3D pore characteristics will be assessed.
  • Adapt internal Finite Element model for rolling to predict deformation levels with identified rolling conditions