From local amorphous/crystal mechanical behaviour to macroscopic response of semi-crystalline polymers: study of scale transition by nanoindentation and atomic force microscopy

This PhD project will be financed by a French Ministry scholarship and will start in October 2020.

Institut Pprime, UPR 3346 CNRS - ISAE-ENSMA – Université de Poitiers

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Dr Olga Smerdova (MdC),




The aim and the challenge of this PhD project is double. Firstly, the mechanical properties of semi-crystalline polymer will be studied by AFM and nanoindentation, from the scale of phases to the scale of a group of spherulites, in order to determine an eventual transition of behaviour and deduct a mechanical RVE. Secondly, the use of these experimental techniques at the scale of phases will require an adaptation of the existing contact models in order to take into account the material heterogeneity.