Experimental design & thermo-mechanical modeling of Hot Forming Quench process on aircraft


CEMEF (Sophia Antipolis) for 2 years and the last year at Airbus Nantes

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

pierre-olivier.bouchard@minesparis.psl.eu -





This PhD aims at a better understanding of the Hot Forming Quench process (HFQ) through the design of a laboratory test coupled with the development of a numerical model able to address the full complexity of this thermomechanical process. The main challenges rely on the relationship between HFQ process conditions, induced microstructure and corresponding in-use properties. This understanding, coupled with a representative numerical modeling of the process will provide both understanding and control of the HFQ process for Airbus in the manufacturing of their parts.

  • Design and development of a laboratory HFQ testing device
    • Development of an in-house deep-drawing device with control of sheet and punch temperatures
    • Adapted Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and temperature measurements to follow the thermomechanical loading path during the test
    • Development of adapted thermomechanical loading paths to match the industrial ones
    • Design of specific microstructures (based on process parameters and T°) as input to PhD2
  • Numerical modeling of the HFQ process
    • Thermal transfer analysis and modeling thanks to the experimental device. Transfer coefficients are of prime importance for accurate numerical simulations
    • Numerical modeling of the HFQ process (Abaqus) & validation of the numerical modeling strategy through both thermal and mechanical measurements