Évaluation de matériaux recyclés à partir de copeaux d’usinage d’alliages TA6V consolidés par Fabrication Additive.

Paid internship - Possibility of continuing with a thesis

CEA Saclay

Personnes à contacter par le candidat

Cédric SAUDER – cedric.sauder@cea.fr ;
Hicham MASKROT – hicham.maskrot@cea.fr




The project intends to deal more specifically with the use of the additive manufacturing technology SLM (Selective Laser Melting) as the technique for the final consolidation of recycled powders.

In order to demonstrate the potential of the proposed solutions and their economic and scientific interest, we first propose to study the recycling of « clean » chips obtained by dry and / or cryogenic machining. Mecachrome will supply these chips and 2 recycling paths will be studied. The first will consist in grinding these shavings to transform them into powders. The second way will consist of making chip compacts which will be atomized later (compaction and atomization conditions to be defined and optimized). The powders obtained by these 2 routes will thus be used to produce specimens consolidated by SLM that will be characterized to judge the interest of the solutions proposed. In parallel, definition of optimal densification conditions by SLM will be carried out using commercial powders and will serve as a point of comparison. All the materials obtained will be widely characterized from a chemical, microstructural and mechanical point of view.

To support this work, we are offering a 6-month internship in order to carry out SLM consolidations and all of the characterizations. To this end, the powders and consolidated materials will be characterized by numerous local techniques (MO, microprobe, SEM, chemical analyzer). An initial assessment of the mechanical properties will be obtained by tensile tests of the materials produced.