Evaluation and calibration of various existing roughness transfer models for Zinc coated steel sheets

5 to 6 months - Financial compensation

ArcelorMittal Research East Chicago (Indiana, USA)

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Surface roughness of Zinc coated steel sheets is an important quality aspect of our automotive customers and is obtained in the production plants at the temper rolling mill operation by a roughness transfer made by rolls on the strip surface. Customer’s roughness is difficult to satisfy because it depends on a lot of production conditions (temper rolling conditions, work rolls wear, type and properties of Zinc coating, incoming roughness from upstream furnace and tandem mill …). Different types of models to help satisfying this roughness transfer have been developed at R&D : statistical, physical based or finite element numerical models. These models need to be evaluated before using them to help production. To conduct this modeling analysis, samples with different coating conditions will be collected at the CALVERT production plant (before temper rolling mill) and will be used by the intern to conduct roughness transfer experiments and models evaluation.

Job Duties:

  • Perform proper safety training before lab work
  • Define and coordinate (remotely) roughness transfer laboratory trials @ ArcelorMittal R&D France (RDMP).
  • Measure @ ArcelorMittal R&D USA (RDEC) surface roughness on the collected laboratory trials samples. Perform statistical and modeling analysis and comparison with collected data.
  • Write technical reports and make presentations.