Modeling of continuous dynamic recrystallisation (CDRX)

Contrat doctoral 3 ans

Mines ParisTech CEMEF, Sophia Antipolis (06)

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This PhD will be firstly dedicated to the extension of existing nu- merical framework dedicated to the modeling of discontinuous dynamic recrystallization where recovery is not a predominant mechanism to the context of CDRX where progressive evolution of sub- grain interfaces (low misorientation) into grain boundaries (high misorientation) by dislocation accumulation, annihilation and rearrangement must be considered. Pre-existing developments in context of a level-set full-field formulation will be improved and this mechanism will also be integrated to the ToRealMotion front-tracking algorithms.

The developments will be tested/optimized for pre-existing exper- imental data concerning two aluminum grades and one zirconium alloy. Concerning Al grades, the first one (6016 Al alloy) is of great interest for Constellium in automotive applications and the second one (7010 Al alloy) is of great interest for Aubert&Duval Issoire in aeronautic applications. Finally, Zircaloy-4, used mainly by Framatome in nuclear cladding applications, will also be considered.

The developments will be integrated in the DIGIMU® software.

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