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The Materials Center wishes to strengthen scientific skills of the « Genesis, Evolution and Use of Microstructures » (the « GEM » team hereafter) about the links between microstructures and in-use properties of metals and metal alloys, in particular, deformation mechanisms. Within the GEM research team, the successful applicant will carry out and supervise studies of microstructure/property relationships. He/she will focus on fine-scale features such as dislocations, i.e., on physical mechanisms that govern the evolution of in-service (e.g., mechanical, thermal, electrical) properties. The main research tool will be transmission electron microscopy.

The successful applicant will carry out both fundamental and applied research in the field of physical metallurgy and of microstructure-property relationships. In the laboratory, he/she will be the reference person in this field regarding relationships with our partners such as Safran, EDF, Framatome, AddUp, Naval Group, Constellium, Aperam, ArcelorMittal, CEA, Renault, Stellantis. He/she will also work on the development of innovative materials through microstructural optimization. This historical research topic of the laboratory is still of importance, in particular, in collaborative projects with our partner Safran. Part of these projects will be oriented toward the energy transition and health-related applications. For instance, research projects could be associated to our current work in all three research teams on the interactions between hydrogen, plasticity, and fracture of metal alloys to be applied to the energy transition (

The successful applicant will participate to the development of experimental microstructural analysis facilities (including 2 SEMs, 2 TEMs, X-ray diffraction), in close collaboration with the μMAX technical platform which is in charge of equipment dedicated to microstructural characterization. He/she will also interact with the technical platforms in charge of manufacturing processes (EPROM), and of mechanical characterization (SESAMES). He/she will supervise and train PhD students about the analysis of microstructures and of deformation mechanisms.

The successful applicant will beneficiate from the links between the Materials Center, the Metallurgy research network of the Paris area (FERMI), the French National Metallurgy Network (RNM), and national and international platforms such as e.g., X-ray synchrotron facilities. He/she will actively participate to these networks. He/she will intensively collaborate with the researchers from the three research teams of the laboratory, in order to characterize microstructures and physical mechanisms behind the processing-microstructure-property relationships. He/she will develop his/her own innovative research on these topics, in clos collaboration with companies and he/she will publish in higher-level journal and international conferences.


The successful applicant will participate to teaching activities operated by the Mechanics & Materials Department. He/she will teach at Mines Paris – PSL and at the PSL level in physical metallurgy (core introduction courses, elective course on crystallography, PSL master entitled Materials Science and Engineering, specialized Mastère DMS and courses open to PhD students). He/she will be encouraged to build up new courses to enrich the offer of the Department. He/she will supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students (hands-on in the introductory Materials science course, student research projects, master-level internships, Mastère professional thesis), as well as PhD students.

The successful applicant will also participate to the development of the executive education programs operated by MINES-PSL EXED.