Additive manufacturing by laser wire deposition (LMD-W) of an aeronautical alloy: Process – microstructure – mechanical properties relationships.

Financing of the thesis: MESR grant

ENI Tarbes (65)

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Joel Alexis, -
Yannick Balcaen, -
Morgane Mokhtari,


The work of the thesis will be essentially experimental by nature and will focus on characterisation of operating parameters influence (diameter and nature of the wires used, energy parameters, design strategy, etc.) on LMD-W produced material properties. After a necessary development of experimental setup, analyses will focus on metallurgy of the considered alloy during different stages of the process and resulting static mechanical properties. Microstructural study will therefore focus on as-build parts and heat treated parts. It will aim to determine, firstly, material health of the produced parts (heat-affected zone (HAZ) depth, presence of cracks and porosity). For optimised operating conditions, microstructural gradient at substrate/deposit interface and in resulting builds will be studied in detail in order to understand mechanical behaviour at different scales.

The development techniques used are those of the ESTIA Addimadour platform and the characterisation means necessary for this thesis work are available in the Laboratoire Génie de Production (scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, EBSD, X-ray micro-tomography, tensile tests with measurement of kinematic fields, in-situ tensile tests under SEM, etc.).