balls General  topics

·Cyclic deformation mechanisms and cyclic stress-strain behavior

·Crack initiation process and first stages of crack propagation

·Fatigue life: tests and prediction

·Growth of short and long cracks - Crack growth thresholds

·Low Cycle Fatigue

·Very High Cycle Fatigue

balls Innovative approaches

·Advanced experimental methods to characterize deformation and damage processes

·Development of new models and numerical simulation approaches

·3D approach of fatigue damage


balls Specific Domains

·Corrosion Fatigue & Environmental effects

·Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue

·Creep-Fatigue interactions

·Multi-axial, variable and complex loadings

·Influence of processing (casting, forging, additive manufacturing, …)

·Residual stresses in Fatigue 

·Fretting and Contact Fatigue

·Influence of surface treatments, films and coatings

·Fatigue of weld joints

·Fatigue at very high temperatures

·Fatigue of ultrafine grain materials


·Long term durability - aging effects

·Fatigue of Structures

·In service fatigue failure


balls Theoretical and Numerical approaches

·Fatigue behaviour modelling and simulation

·Fatigue life prediction

·Statistical approach of the durability

·Damage evaluation and Fatigue design

·Integrated Computational Materials Engineering

·Life extension


balls Fatigue of non-metallic materials

·Polymers and Composites

·Semi-conductors and Ceramics



·Hybrids and architectured materials


balls Industrial case studies

·In transportation (automotive, aeronautics, naval, ...)

·In energy production

·In civil engineering

·In biomedical fields

·In electronic devices.